Pink Media Group

Pink Media Group is a leading media corporation in Southeast Europe. The primary area of operations of the group is the production of television programming. We produce and distribute over 60 PINK brand channels of all genres. In 2010, in order to provide necessary production and technical capacities, PFI Studios was opened. Our group members also include the largest regional music label City Records, as well as a digital platform development company Digital Media System and a general business aviation company Air Pink.

In 1993, Pink International Company was founded by media virtuoso, Zeljko Mitrovic, as one of the first privately owned media companies in our region. Guided by the basic philosophy – entertainment, information and education, for millions of viewers and listeners, TV Pink soon set the market standard for all commercial media operators in the country and region.
Pink International Company is the central pillar of the Pink Media Group, which owns five, legally and financially independent companies, which cover diverse but complimentary areas of the media industry.

One of the main goals of the company is to achieve a high percentage of its own programming by developing and distributing TV formats. Owing to the high TV ratings and success of the “Pink Stars” and “Pink Junior Stars” formats, in 2014, the company started an international sales division. Our licensed formats were sold at international fairs to many media outlets including German RTL and Slovenian Planet TV.

Zeljko Mitrovic, the President and founder of the group, is also the creative mastermind behind the development of all of the company’s original programs and formats including the unique and internationally rewarded “The Community”, which has broken many records and attracted the attention of international producers and viewers, as well as ranking TV Pink at the top of the ratings list for 2019 and 2020 in Serbia.

In addition to the high ratings of its primary channel, PMG also owns and operates over 60 cable channels, distributed through cable systems in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany and Austria. With over 15 film channels, various culinary and children’s channels, news and many other genre channels make up the Pink TV channel roster, which are all also available via our online TV platform “Klik TV”. Many of our productions are supported by the technical capacities and facilities of PFI Studios.

Pink Films International Studios (PFI Studios) was opened in 2010 and is one of the most impressive studio complexes in Southeast Europe. Our 8 modern sound stages have a dual function, to support and facilitate our TV formats and other large productions as well as offer full production facility rental and services to international productions.

In 1997, Zeljko Mitrovic, a classically educated musician, successful bass guitar player and music producer, founded the “City Records” record label. Over 500 regional and Serbian musicians and stars are signed to the label, which also has its own distribution division. “City Records” music is also available on ITunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and other platforms, and has over 400.000 subscribers on its YouTube channel. With the help of another PMG sister company, Digital Media System, City Records has developed its own digital audio platform for downloading music content “City Box”, as well as an internet streaming platform “City Play”.

Keeping up with the times and vision of the future of media and communications, the latest edition to the group “Digital Media System”, was founded in 2016. Apart from developing the digital TV platform “Klik TV” and the music streaming platform “City Play”, the group of creative young programmers and designers participated in the development of the “” news portal. digitally compliments the news and entertainment content aired on TV Pink, the highest rated television channel in Serbia.